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What’s Next on The Fun Agenda?

2020 begins with a cartoon question that I saw recently on an artist’s Instagram account. His name was “clownchic”. His character answered it by simply stating “Abstinence”.

I laughed out loud as this character looked like he had abused every illegal substance available.

After the holidays, don’t we all feel this way?

Yes, but.

I cannot deal with another self help strategy, my own included.

So, in 2020, I am focusing in literally on “Art of the Diet”. Artists who have tackled food, glorious food, food issues not so glorious, addiction issues, LIFE issues in their art and they have resonated with my own issues in some way.

This month I discuss several artists. Philip Guston, Samara Golden, Dana Schutz, Wayne Theibaud, David Shrigley, Francisco de Goya.

The podcast art for this month is a wall hanging/teatowel that I designed as a calendar for 2020 and that is for sale.

Pat's Year of Anxiety Calendar TeaTowel.

2020 is the Year of Anxiety for me as I turn 75 and it’s a presidential election year in the US.

A quote from a woman attending a MAGA rally in Minnesota sums up my concern. “I can't really say that anything he says is true, but I trust him.” How much anxiety can an ol’girl take and maintain a 60 lb weight loss? We’ll find out.

Email me if you have art that has helped you understand this phenomenon! Eating, aging or political issues.


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