To Weigh In or Not? That is the Question.

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Is there anyone out there who doesn't understand why someone, and particularly, a woman, would pass on weighing themselves on any particular day?  I don't know any official stats but I suspect the option “not to weigh-in” at a WW meetings is used more often by female members than male. I've heard men talk about their weights, not in the abstract, but the actual numerals, in ways I simply NEVER had heard a woman talk about it.

The knee-jerk avoidance must be embedded in our hormonal stew.   But, wait. My hormones have long up and departed and I still understand– so I suspect it simply is the stigma-culture associated with female weight and appearance.  It's not just a physical body weight, it's somehow morphed into a whether you have any importance/value at all.

The higher the number on the scale, the less value you have.  Sounds ridiculous?  Then, why is it such an issue?

Smart, effective, women who run families, offices, companies, grown up women say “I may be able to rule the world but I don't want to know what I weigh today.”

I understand why the “not to weigh in”option is there, believe me.  Some days you simply don't want any more confirmation/affirmation that you are a failure.

Yesterday, I lost a few ounces but my value as a human being rose.  Does that sound right?  Of course, it doesn't.

Speaking of “rose”, the photo is of a “rosa rugosa” (the one on the right is an encaustic painting with peppercorns and Freekeh grains embedded in pigment) which has the most divine scent and when it pulls you to touch a stem to bring it closer, its prickly nature punishes you. “Ouch!”  Yep, these beauties look and smell divine but are treacherous if you try and touch them without oven mitts on.

I feel the same way about the “no-weigh-in” option.  It has so much appeal to it.  It draws you in but hurts you in the end.

Each time in my previous rollercoaster weight life that I avoided the scale, I felt weaker not stronger.  I knew I was avoiding something. Turning my eyes away from a gruesome accident scene on the road or TV or movie footage of war and carnage maybe help me get through my day, but if you have a weight problem, as I do, avoiding the scale is fuel for your enemy: yourself.

You are putting too much “value” on the numbers.  Yes, our culture does it to us but we are doing it to ourselves if we let it get in the way of accomplishing our goals.

And, as long as I'm making grand generalizations about men/women, to know or not to know, I would also make an educated guess, backed up from six years of knowing some who regularly take advantage of this option, that those who avoid the scale “officially” have a longer road to meeting their goals, if they meet them at all.

They may be paying each week the money for their meeting but paying in pounds as well.  The company must know this on some level as well. They did not want paying customers to NOT come to meetings because they didn't want to face the music and weigh in.  But, they also must know that it doesn't help their members to avoid it, and, will more likely be continual members of the “paying” club if they allow them to avoid the weekly number.

It's a commercially driven option in my opinion and not a mortal sin. This is a business, after all.  It wants to be in business and stay in business. This accommodation is market-driven not health-driven.

If they had all Lifetime members like myself there would be NO corporate profits  They are catering to an impulse well known to those of us who struggle with weight (in other words, to avoid knowing it) and trying to insure that their paying customers return and return and return

I think Weight Watchers could acknowledge that it is a option for members in a variety of different ways.  They could keep the free option but do more education in meetings about why it's not the best option for you.  They could not encourage it by making it “free” and charge a fee for this option.

They could have the members pay for the option as they would a box of smoothies.  If you had to pay $5 dollars, (let's say for argument sake) in addition to your weekly meeting fee, to skip your weigh-in, what would be the impact?

For those who absolutely want to come but don't want to weigh in, they could.  They just have to pay “extra” to avoid the scale. The education about this option would be emphasizing what is well known to all: avoiding the number gives it more power than it should have.

As my mother used to say, “If someone would just ask me, I could run the world.  They just never ask me.”

Of course, I'd probably have a weight management program where everyone was at goal weight and have zero profits.

Ha.  Now I have to post this and see if the new web design posts the same photo twice even though I've just put it in once.

The flaws of my execution in other areas are surrounding me.





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  1. i agree. i have entertained the option a few times but usually don’t take it. i will say don’t tell me what it is and look at the number later.having the option makes it easier to go to the meeting but once i am there i usually just face the music and dance, so to speak. not weighing in now is just not an option, and i think weighing myself daily has helped keep me moving in the direction i want to go. if having the option can just get me in the door its worth paying for but i think many might opt out once you are there. the anticipation of bad news is worse than the reality sometimes.

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