That Man Has a Serious Weight Problem. Podsnacks Art of the Diet -169

“That Man Has a Serious Weight Problem”.  A quote from the current President of the United States about a man with a loud voice in his NH campaign rally in August, 2019. He (POTUS) thought the man was protesting rather than adoring his presence.  Man was ejected but turns out wasn’t protesting but lovin’ his man.  What this story and another August example endured by Roxanne Gay tells us about our culture of acceptance for body shaming by men and women who know better but can't seem (or want) to do better. Weight Management issues, though, can be managed in spite of their existence.

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This past month I made mini-notebooks from some of the fabric and paper I've designed for how I feel with each news alert. My sewing teacher is making a tie for her husband from the “fuckit” fabric to wear on “Casual Fridays”. I keep several of these notebooks in my bag just in case I am at a loss for words. Ok. That doesn't happen too often.

Chaos Cloth and Paper Mini Notebooks