Voices from My Bunker 2020: Seat in Reality Ballpark with only Cut-Outs of Friends & Family.

The Reality Ballpark is a phrase I first used 10 years ago to describe how I began trying to maintain a weight loss. I needed to take a seat in the Reality Ballpark each day by stepping on the scale. It has been a winning strategy but now, in 2020, I am using this phrase in an entirely new way. I've been able to manage my weight these past 10 years but today am trying to manage risk by remaining in my seat. It is a formidable challenge.

One way of understanding this challenge is: As the last ferry leaves the harbor with most of my friends and family, I am sitting in The Reality Ballpark with their cut-outs. What in hell?

This week I interview myself as that is what it has come to: I talk to myself these days. Click on white arrow in lower left hand corner to listen. And, PS. Only fools represent themselves in court and interview themselves.

PS. I designed a fabric that used all the symbols cartoonists use to indicate one of their characters is swearing. It is called “Grawlix”. I used this pattern to produce small accessory bags or a large beach bag available in my Etsy store. Instead of a swear jar, you can carry your bag around with you and let the bag do your commentary on life, diets, pandemics, politics (!!) in 2020. You can click on the images to go to my new store.

It's a perfect signature product for me for those of you who know me: if there were awards for creative swear chains, I'd at least be nominated. Check it out.

Curses Bag
An accessory bag to hold your swears and curses in 2020
Large Weekender Tote

Is Truth on Your Grocery List Or Sweatpants? PODSNACKS/ArtoftheDiet #176

Truth List

What is on my grocery list these days?

I've got one item I try to remember each time I get out a new piece of paper: Truth.

I need truth on the news which I have no control over and I need it on my grocery list which I do. Otherwise? Well, all I know for sure is the result of no control in the grocery list is:

" Hello, sweatpants."

If ever there's been a moment in my 75 years when I am choosing what I eat, this is it. I no longer go into a grocery store without gloves, mask, and a pocket filled with wipes. Suited up for the apocalypse, there is no desire to linger and stroll leisurely. I want to get in and get out with contracting a deadly virus. So, I have a list. And, this week, the list is being given to someone, for the foreseeable future, to shop for me. At 75, crowded grocery stores are not recommended.

I have to very clearly ask myself, “What do I need?” It used to be “What do I want?” My new goal is to want what I need. 

The good news? It helps me focus. I am not dithering about do I or don't I want a box of Cheez-its. I know if I bring that box into the house it is a mistake. A clear as a bell mistake. So, a snack-size package goes on the list, if at all. It is possible to stretch out a snack-size portion over a week. Who knew?

But, for food management during these times? I am trying to tell myself my food truth that, in the end, gives me hope. I am in control of that if nothing else. 

So, this first of April 2020, my arguing with the scale days long gone, I write my grocery list with truth and gratitude and hope you can, too.  You can listen to the podcast below. PS. I plan to increase podcasts from once a month to at least twice a month. If you want to be notified of new episodes, you can sign up for future notifications on the sidebar to the right and receive a transcript from a popular interview I did with a Lifetime WeightWatchers member or subscribe to the free podcast.