Do Not Click on that Brownie Bowl Recipe. Click. PODSNACKS/Art of the Diet #177

Eating in a pandemic
The challenge of being quarantined with an internet connection.

Month Two of quarantine. What do I know for sure? I need “click” supervision at age 75. No, I don't mean clicking on all those virtual tours of art museums. I mean, “Click for Brownie Bowl Recipe.” “Click for Snickerdoodle SourCream Pound Cake.”

The bottom line of what I have learned: It's still about your grocery list. if it's not on the shelves I can't bring it home. And, most importantly, If it is on the shelves, I can't bring it home. It's a one choice strategy, at least for now.

Listen to podcast below.

Below is a video of all the cafe aprons that I sew instead of baking the brownie bowl.