News from Donut-Hole Country-PODSNACKS/ArtoftheDiet 127


Greetings from my country, Donut-Hole Country, where I can eat five glazed munchkins and not think I've eaten a donut.

This is Pat Coakley and episode 127 of Podsnacks/Artofthediet and today we're talking “sugar” and my new immigration policy of allowing anyone into Donut-Hole country who can invent something that brings the sugar (like a donut hole) without making me feel guilty. I don't care what religion you are, what race you are or what country you are from, if you bring sugar and less guilt, you're in.

PS. I'm at the indoor track at 5:30 AM as I record it so the audio quality is not great! But, another snowstorm is in progress and if I didn't go to walk in the early hours I wouldn't be walking at all as the storm is supposed to go all day.

If ever a group might understand the necessity of doing two things at once, recording a podcast and exercising, it would be listeners to this podcast!

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