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What’s Next on The Fun Agenda?

2020 begins with a cartoon question that I saw recently on an artist’s Instagram account. His name was “clownchic”. His character answered it by simply stating “Abstinence”.

I laughed out loud as this character looked like he had abused every illegal substance available.

After the holidays, don’t we all feel this way?

Yes, but.

I cannot deal with another self help strategy, my own included.

So, in 2020, I am focusing in literally on “Art of the Diet”. Artists who have tackled food, glorious food, food issues not so glorious, addiction issues, LIFE issues in their art and they have resonated with my own issues in some way.

This month I discuss several artists. Philip Guston, Samara Golden, Dana Schutz, Wayne Theibaud, David Shrigley, Francisco de Goya.

The podcast art for this month is a wall hanging/teatowel that I designed as a calendar for 2020 and that is for sale.

Pat's Year of Anxiety Calendar TeaTowel.

2020 is the Year of Anxiety for me as I turn 75 and it’s a presidential election year in the US.

A quote from a woman attending a MAGA rally in Minnesota sums up my concern. “I can't really say that anything he says is true, but I trust him.” How much anxiety can an ol’girl take and maintain a 60 lb weight loss? We’ll find out.

Email me if you have art that has helped you understand this phenomenon! Eating, aging or political issues.


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Art of the Diet is really The Art of War. PODSNACKS Art of the Diet 170

Tips from a military general from 2000 years ago. I'm tired of all this new stuff.


I named this podcast “Art of the Diet” five years ago because maintaining a significant weight loss for years is not a matter of facts and science, it is an art.  And, by art, I mean that in the traditional sense, as in art of cooking or art of fly fishing:  The art of the diet needs a skillful plan in order to succeed.  It doesn’t have to be the latest trend or food group.  It just needs a skillful plan.  I looked at a book, The Art of War, attributed to a military general from the late 6th century BC!  So, I am going in the way, way back machine to see if there is some wisdom for my art of the diet in 2019. And, you know what?  There is.  A striking similarity, in fact, between waging war in the late 6th Century BC and maintaining a significant weight loss in 2019.    Honestly, I've grown weary of all of modern science on this topic. And, PS, they teach these strategies in military colleges in 2019. Listen below.

Here's my takeway on Two Chapters: 1) Develop a plan and ask yourself if you really want to execute the plan because if you deviate consistently from the plan, bad s*** happens. 2) Set up some decisive “wins” quickly. In diet terms, make the daily goal “doable”. 3) I don't believe they had “sticky” notes in the 6th century BC, but putting reminders on your available wall space or devices and tablets of the daily or weekly goal helps. PAY ATTENTION.

And don't forget! Creativity really really IS the best health plan. Recently, I came across a letter my mother had written at the age of 96 to a photo of my Dad (dead 11 years at the time) and she signed it with x's and o's. It is the type of artifact that stops you in your tracks and you could descend down the rabbit hole of loss very quickly. Her handwriting at this stage was weakened and she thought the photo was actually my Dad but for some reason they just couldn't speak to one another. So, while going down the rabbit hole, I thought, “Wait, why not imbue those x's and o's with some of her youthful vitality and make some fabric. So, I took up my watercolor brush and some beloved colors and did just that. I just ordered some dishtowels! Now, when I look at it, I'll smile and avoid a descent into that Black Hole! Here's the design and some home decor products. My store on other designs is here. The first design you'll see is a collage of photos of asphalt markings in the industrial park near my house where I walked off my initial weight loss 10 years ago.

Here is the link to James Corden's response to Bill Maher.

Irresistible Foods Meet Resistance. PODSNACKS-ArtoftheDiet #129

Irresistible Foods Meet Resistance is this week's podcast. Ever felt like eating just one sherbet colored macaroon or just one Hershey's Kiss was flat-out impossible?

Yep, it can be done. All (sarcastic tone) one has to do is to eliminate all extra sugar (fruits (not tropical fruits, tho) OK ) and no grains, good and bad grains, mind you, even whole wheat grains are gone, veggies are good, pancakes made of Garbanzo bean flour and whole milk yogurt is Ok and even recommended.  Guess what?  I don't crave those pastel-colored macaroon cookies. In fact, I didn't even have to taste the cookie batter or lock eyes with Hershey Kisses in the store.

When irresistible meets resistance in my day to day it is memorable but it is a healthy option for the long run?  One, theoretically, graduates from Phase One to Phase Three which is lower in fat than Phase One and integrates whole wheat grains and some added sugar.  There's a ratio of carbs, fats, proteins that requires a spreadsheet to do it right.

We'll see.  Here we go again, people. Control comes ‘a callin’.  Is it extreme? Is it healthy? Some say, no. Others say research has pointed toward this direction for years.

If I were a guy with prostate issues, I'd probably not do it. Read the article below.

What’s an ol’girl to do?  Keep trying to figure it out. Read about the issues.  It’s all one can do.


I started a Facebook group for some damn reason. Thinking it might be helpful. I'm considering doing a mini-Facebook live of the weekly podcast tomorrow, Feb 1st around 3:00 Eastern Standard time.  If the technology works, of course!


Some articles about the downside of a higher fat diet.  Read in conjunction with some other folks who recommend a higher fat diet but in conjunction with fruits and veggies and eventually moderate portions of whole grains as well as sugar integrated into it. The Last article in the queue below is an example of that.