ReWild Yourself or Else. PODSNACKS-ArtoftheDiet079

ReWild yourself or else.

It's my birthday today, 72, & I am in the process of ReWilding myself according to a post I wrote awhile back.

So, I'm going to use that post this week as the podcast to give us all a quick reminder that while the saying “Change is good. You go first” is funny and oh, so true, but it won't help us achieve our goals, be successful in life, or succeed in weight maintenance.

What am I doing specifically to ReWild myself? I'm redesigning my website to try and finally take a stab at unifying all my boiling pots on to one stove.

Yeah, good luck with that, I say to myself.  I put together this ‘art of the diet' website but it took me almost a month.   I am not a web designer but I have some skills.  But, what I have the most of is perseverance and what I have the least of is a budget and technical wizardry. So, this new website may take skills I don't have, like creating a e-commerce shop, but we'll find out together, won't we?

Also, I am taking the first steps to ReWild myself into a more #ambitiouswoman and trying to make some fun products from ideas and words I've written on this blog and podcast.  Sentiments that apply to life, weight maintenance, relationships, even politics. Products that reflect my 4 H's: hope, humility, honesty, and humor.

May my ReWilding make me wildly successful if not place lions back in Trafalgar Square.

 But, if not that, perhaps, at least help me afford a web designer.

Now, that's what I call a practical, achievable goal, right?  Like reLosing the 2 lbs. I gained over the weekend.

See you next week.