The Politics of Abuse PODSNACKS/Art of the Diet 099

We are asleep with compasses in our hand.-WS Merwin

Welcome to episode #99 of Podsnacks, the weekly edition of Art of the Diet.  Today, I do not begin with a funny quote as I have temporarily lost my sense of humor due to today's headlines.  Word to the wise, this episode mentions politics and if you can't take it, I understand, but I'm like the newscaster in “Network”, the movie.  Peter Finch, remember him?  He was having a breakdown on TV and exhorted his listeners to open their windows and put their heads out and yell, “I'm sick and tired and I can't take it anymore.”

Yep, that's where I'm at. But, I have to take it. I have to learn how to live with it despite being sick and tired of it and profoundly afraid, like no other time in my life, for my country and the rest of the world.  And, it's an anxiety that I have to acknowledge just as I would a serious medical diagnosis or divorce or death in the family that is part of how I am successfully (so far) managing my weight loss.

If I'd been given a serious medical diagnosis that would require treatments, side effects, and adjustments to my life's habits and outlook, I'd be mentioning it here.  Whatever causes us chronic pain and anxiety affects our daily life and our ability manage stress and weight management goals..

So, it's time for me to discuss the elephant in the room that I've been trying to negotiate with since November 9, 2016.

Not a day has gone by since the election that my anxiety level on a day to day basis has not risen.  About two months ago one of those monthly emergency broadcast tests interrupted a radio program I was listening to.  Their “beeping” noise is unpleasant by design. It's meant to get your attention.  I am sure you all have experienced it at some point as well.  This was the first time in 72 years that I remember thinking as the beeping began and I realized it was the emergency broadcast channel, that I thought “O, god. This is real.”  At this point in the news cycle, the President of the United States had twittered that an “armada of warships” was headed in the direction of North Korea.  (Turns out this was not true, as he well knew, because the “warships” were headed to New Zealand or somewhere in opposite direction to do planned military exercises but I didn't know that till two days later.)  I guess he thought it would be a good idea to rattle North Korea's chain.  Bullying tactics that one unbalanced leader sends to another, I guess.  I don't know about Kim Jong Un, but my chain was rattled and it's rattling every damn day.

This type of anxiety whether it comes from a medical diagnosis, a divorce, a death, is part of the life of all of us.  How we deal with it is the larger issue.  The particulars of our anxiety we don't have to relate to in their details or, in this case, even agree with, but the overall umbrella of chronic anxiety?  Yes, all of us at different times in our lives have to navigate these waters.

So, today, toward the middle of this podcast, I discuss it and share what recipe I am using to deal with it.  Literally, a recipe.  I have a food answer, of course.

I have linked to it here and it is one of those annoying web pages that has so many ads that you have to scroll down to almost the bottom of the page to see the recipe.

I'll be back to humor next week.  At least, that's my goal. I'm going to call it a NSV (non scale victory) if I can pull it off.

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