Art of War & Diet-Podsnacks/Art of the Diet 041


When you are underfed, harassed, bored, and miserable, you don't want to eat dull wholesome food. You want something a little bit “tasty”. There is always some cheaply pleasant thing to tempt you.-Goerge Orwell

Good habits are worth being fanatical about. -John Irving

Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.-Mark Twain

The Art of War is to me The Art of the Diet.  I initially named this blog in the fine art use of “Art of”. I had developed a whole new portfolio of fruits and vegetables as a way of learning to eat and enjoy more of these food groups.  That strategy worked. I now love them and look forward to eating them.

But, as I've maintained for seven years this weight loss, I realize the Art of the Diet is less about its fine art meaning and more about the Art of War meaning: skills acquired by experience, study, observation of your strengths and weaknesses and knowing your enemy's strengths and weaknesses.  The archaic meaning of the art of something is “a skillful plan”.

So, today, we talk about the need for skillful plans made up of daily habits that can be used as strategies to combat the challenges of our bodies, which like it or not, are agitating behind the scenes to regain our lost pounds.

It doesn't depress me to know this. It energizes me.  I hope this is the message you get from this episode 41 of PODSNACKS, Art of Diet & War.

PS. I am going to be traveling for the next few days so daily blog posts will not resume until Monday, May 23rd. I might try to post some “archival” posts but new content will not appear until next week.