Listen to My Self-Resolving Resolutions-PODSNACKS/Art of the Diet # 023


“How about you agree to waive the fine and I promise not to e-mail you the remaining eighty-six photos of my dog dressed as a bear?”
David Thorne, The Internet is a Playground: Irreverent Correspondences of an Evil Online Genius

It's January 13th, early enough for the bargaining with our new year health goals to have begun.  I suspect David Thorne's health goals, he's an Australian comedian, would be Saturday Nite Live worthy.

Mine?   It's not going quite as planned.  But, here's the deal, it's not all bad. Just making the effort to write down some random goals like 1. watch less tv, 2.decouple watching tv with eating meals 3. eat one meal at the dining room table without a screen of any sort in view 4. read more– has produced success in three.  Why?  Because I succeeded in one: #4.

I am reading more.  And, that means, I watch less TV and that means I don't eat in front of the TV. I eat in front of a book which wasn't the plan, but, it's progress.

So, now, to quote Mr. Thorne again,

“It is not necessary to attempt a resolution when it is self-resolving.”
David Thorne, I'll Go Home Then, It's Warm and Has Chairs. The Unpublished Emails.

Onward.  Now on to the week in review.  Which I am generally grouping under the title, “A New Day” which goes along with the image of the power lines in my town after the first snow as well as a new food program that I'm committing to using for at least a month.

Hopefully, this week, the links will be “clickable” within the podcast notes and the shownotes page at