Voices from My Bunker. Meet Carol. Ep. 2. 70+ years old, Lives Alone, Receiving Chemo Treatments for 3 years AND has to deal with the quarantine of COVID19. What does she wish?

World In Need of a Wash

I was asked this past week why I am so conservative in this whole “reopening” phase 3 in Massachusetts. I have tried to do a COVID19 safe picnic on my porch but was hopeless in keeping the proper distancing as a hostess so I don't think there will be many of those in my future.

At any rate, I answered the question by saying that when you are 75 years old, live alone, and the best scenario is if you contract COVID19 that you can remain in your home rather than be hospitalized… it poses the immediate question to the solo sick person, “Who is going to take care of me at home?”

Um..that would be me. The stories of how ill folks can be, while at home, and the lingering nature of some aspects of this illness are enough to scare me to the point that taking risks of contracting it sounds like a really, really bad idea. I suspect the person who asked me this question will no longer be questioning why I don't feel comfortable going to Walmart.

Anyway, I chose to interview my neighbor, Carol, in late June. She has medical challenges in addition to this pandemic. She lives a stone's throw away but I called her and recorded our interview. She is 70+, lives alone herself, but has been in constant chemo treatment for three years in addition to having to deal with the COVID19 quarantine.

I think any listener will revaluate their own situation after hearing Carol. When I asked her what she was hoping for in the next few months? She said, “I asked my Doctor to please keep me alive until Trump loses the election.”

Amen, sistah.

Meet Carol. Click on the white arrow on lower left of the box below to begin podcast.

If you'd like to be interviewed for this podcast, or know someone whose story needs to be shared, please contact me!

Voices from My Bunker, ep.02. Meet Babz. Hope is all I feel after listening to her.

Voices from My Bunker is the evolution from my Art of the Diet podcast where for five years I focused on maintaining a significant weight loss to 2020 when in addition to weight maintenance I am forced to focus on my sanity maintenance. It ain't easy, is it?

I decided to focus on other people and how they are maintaining their sanity in order to get some tips I, and maybe you might need.

Today, Meet Babz. “Needed to. Meant to. “This is how she answered my question about if she was fearful of being a health care worker in the middle of a pandemic in Boston, Massachusetts.  After the interview, I had a strange feeling. I couldn’t recognize it at first.  It turned out to be hope.  Click the white arrow in the lower left of the link below to listen.

If you would be interested in sharing your story or know someone who would be willing to be interviewed, please contact me

And, here's my other source of hope: www.thephotogardener.com. Mother Nature. Come Closer.

It's my escape world. I can create it all on my own with gardens and macro photography & this world doesn't terrify me. Take a look by clicking on the image below.

O, Anemone. My Anemone.

Voices from My Bunker 2020. At play in dangerous times. Meet Melissa

Voices from my Bunker 2020, Episode One! Formerly known as “PODSNACKS/Art of the Diet, this podcast interview will reintroduce you to Melissa from Iowa.

She is a great transition to my rebranded podcast, now titled, “Voices from My Bunker 2020”. I am taking my own advice and beginning, again. The former podcast focused mainly on weight maintenance but in 2020 my life, and perhaps yours as well, has by necessity just focused on sanity maintenance. My doorbell hasn't rung in months and at 75 it is not likely to until there's a vaccine. So, I decided to invite folks into my virtual living room via Skype audio recording and we discuss how 2020 has impacted our daily lives.

This sanity maintenance may be a more complicated goal than weight maintenance but one thing I know with absolute certainty is that focusing on someone else's story is a path worth exploring. I always seem to breathe a bit deeper after finishing our conversations.

And, PS, if there are tech issues, let me know cuz I did more fiddling around and typing and retyping and checking this and unchecking that I don't believe a farce stage production of “Noises Off” could have required more behind the scenes prop changes.

Coming up this summer will be an interview with Babz, a 27-year-old occupational therapist who moved to Boston in February 2020 just before that city and the state of Massachusetts became a COVID19 hot spot. We have the third-highest death toll in the US, behind NY and NJ. She found herself going to work at 8 am in the morning on an empty city bus by April. She was masked. The driver of the bus was masked. The bus was empty except for her. Her entire caseload by late April was recovering COVID19 patients who also needed to recover from their extensive ICU stays. It appears to be a whole new specialty of rehabilitation.

You'll meet Helen, married 54 years, and who has been learning some new things about her husband and herself in the first few months of lockdown. Bonnie from Asheville, who had said to herself about her relocation from St. Croix to Asheville, NC, her new neighbors, new volunteer work in a consignment shop, her garden, her animals, her husband, that it seemed to her that “Life just couldn't be better” in January 2020. And, she was right. It couldn't be better as within weeks, the store had to close, her neighbors could no longer visit, prospects of seeing her son and his wife in NY looked not to be possible till 2021 and yet, she manages to feel as if she is nesting not isolated.

You'll meet some folks who faced the need to leave quarantine weekly to receive critical medical treatments and how they manage life-threatening illnesses and the pandemic at the same time.

I am hoping to interview as many folks as I can before November 3, 2020. Why that deadline? Well, unless COVID19 gets me, or some other damn thing, I'll be above ground until then. But, if he is re-elected, you shall be reading my obit. So, let's be clear about that. My new podcast will not discuss the elephant in the room as words fail me. But, individuals trying to live their life with integrity and purpose even if it's just how to get to the grocery store and back without contracting or infecting someone else is an extraordinary story to me, and we all have those challenges in common.

I've done about five interviews so far and would love you to consider sharing your story about 2020 (so far) with me. You can contact me here.

Melissa from Iowa was interviewed in the old podcast as she was one of those rare WW members who kept off their original weight loss for going on now 12 years. So, discussing with her the specific challenges of 2020 in all aspects of her life seemed to be a great way to bridge this podcast from ‘Art of the Diet' to ‘Voices from My Bunker.'

I'm posting regularly on www.patcoakley.com, some familiar rants, and raves, during the week and hope you find something of interest for you there as in the new podcast. Please remember if your attention is needed elsewhere you can always unsubscribe from the mailing list. I hope you'll continue to listen but if not I have appreciated your presence and wish you well.

And, PS, my niece's husband, Jeff Hale, composed and played my new virtual “doorbell” that begins my new podcast. I love it!! I hope you'll ring it one of these days. For now, meet Melissa. Click the white arrow in the lower-left corner to begin the audio.