Resist CARBS and HATE is episode #168. RESIST (ALL CAPS) is the word of my day and the weeks to come of weight management. Sometimes, you don't understand why the old habits don't seem to work but passivity is not the conclusion. Resisting passivity is the only next step.  That's where I'm at in weight maintenance and the state of my country. Resist CARBS and HATE.  Listen here.

As I try to resist carbs and hate, I have created a line of mini-notebooks called
Cloth & Paper Mini Notebooks. Each 3in x 3in notebook is hand sewn and can be used as a working notebook or as an artful, and sometimes, humorous reminder of what one can do in the presence of dehumanizing currents in our private and national life. Here is the link.

With Kindness, Begin Again. PODSNACKS/ArtoftheDiet 167

Written with really nice watercolor inks and sticks.

There was a time when reading or listening to someone suggesting that I treat myself with a bit more kindness would have been met with severe eye rolling.  By “there was a time”, I mean as recently as last month and I’m 74.  But, today's episode highlights what has turned my deep eyerolls into acceptance and more importantly, even doing it.  Breathe in. Breathe out. With kindness, begin again.  Dieting, Living, closing your garage door.  it simply goes better with a little kindness.   It's the eve of Independence Day in the US. Listen to episode #167 below.

Your Car Knows If You Gain Weight. Podsnacks/Artofthe Diet- 166

An article by an auto industry specialist contained information that I thought should have led the Outrage of the Day digest. He wrote that your car is like your smartphone, it knows all sorts of stuff and some of it has nothing to do with maintenance and performance of your car. Example #1: It knows if you have gained weight. The car companies own this data, not you. And, I thought Google and Facebook were the menace in the privacy department.

Discussing that today as well as the mere suggestion learned in a mediation practice that one should be kind to themselves as they begin again. “With Kindness, Begin Again.”

Beginning again is a constant requirement in a daily meditation practice and beating yourself up about how your attention span is like a mayfly and you can't get through one breath cycle without thinking about something else doesn't do you any good in successfully developing a daily discipline of mediation.

And, I did. Try it. I'm sorta amazed just reading it, or saying it to myself every day, that like a mantra, it is calming. Kindness: an underrated aspect of achieving and maintaining goals. I came to it late in life.

Now, I'm going to drive to the store with my car knowing I've gained 3 pounds. This totally and absolutely FREAKS me out.

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