More or Less? That is the Question.

canoe-rainy-coakleytxIt's raining!  Canoe car is not happy.

Here's an article in the NYTIMES today which relates to yesterday's Sunday Science.  The title says it all:

“To Lose Weight, Eating Less is Far More Important Than Exercising More.”

When I first lost weight in 2009, I could no do exercise so had to strictly use the WeightWatcher's point system. I also knew I could not use the “extra” points allowed each week as, if I did, weight loss stopped.

I had to eat less or else I would see no loss.

It is what many seniors face if their movement is restricted.  But, I realized after months of rather strict restrictions,  if I made the food I could eat varied, colorful, and plentiful where possible (salads), I didn't crave the extras.

In some ways, less food was easier than today where I routinely have 10+K step days along with many more choices of within the extra points.


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  1. the theory of exercising to have more points to eat is very tempting but the evidence just doesn’t support continued weightloss . if i eat more i just don’t lose. Sad, but true.

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