Molting. Every Damn Day.

three-feet-coakleyI am learning new methods to transfer photos onto stuff. Nothing is safe in my house right now from being used as a surface to be used for transfers.  The whole place looks like it is molting from one thing into another.

And, honestly, that is what each day feels like. Whatever yesterday was about, today is different. All I know is that yesterday I managed to justify eating Chinese food, Stacey chips and lemon Biscottis and think I'd kept it quite a reasonable day.

With a default “reasoning” mind like this, I have to molt into someone different every damn day.

3 Replies to “Molting. Every Damn Day.”

  1. not to worry . couldn’t make to either meeting . ate foolishly starting with cookies and popcorn and descending to onion rings and shrimp and corn chowder followed by frozen yogurt and candy back in the saddle again today tho. yippee ki oh ki kay. ride’ em cowboy. started today sensibly oatmeal and blueberries went to the gym for a fat burn workout.?!! just had a salad for lunch. see if i can keep this up just for one damn day!!

  2. Ha! I did go to the am meeting although i left early in order to meet my friend at the Chinese restaurant! Oi! Tomorrow, I’m writing about a book about “self control” that seems to analogize it to a non-renewable resource. In other words, the more you have to use it, the less you are able to keep doing it without a rest period! Now, that I can relate to! One damn day sounds like a great book title.

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