Lose Weight, Gain Vanity

obesityweek2I was waiting in line for lunch at the Museum of Fine Arts Cafe and this woman and her Obesity Week tote were next to me.  So, of course, I took a photo.

Then, I posted it on my personal Facebook page and loved some of the comments. Carol said, “I thought every week was obesity week.”  Joan said, “Who knew there was such a society?  The tote does look sturdy, though.” Brian noted, “Is that the Octoberfest for doughnuts?”  And, of course, my suggestion was to have donuts on the tote or at least some type of food image.

My point being that while we joke, there's a society of academics who study this problem.  They have tote bags.  They have annual weeks' of conferences.

Then, there's this article from June 2014 that basically says that the dirty little secret within obesity research is that folks really find it almost impossible to keep off weight long-term and the focus should be on preventing weight gain in the first place.

Gulp.  That stats are bad.  Let's just admit that.  Really, really bad.

But, I write this daily blog in order to ensure my sixth year of keeping the weight off.  And, as discouraging as articles like this are, they really do sober me up & explain why it is an up hill battle and why my ‘default” position is always to regain it.  It also makes me want to document even closer why in hell I've been successful at this so far.

Knowing this spurs me to buy a 4-season ticket to the reality ballpark, too.

Plus, within the article, is a madison avenue worthy campaign for Vanity.  Their research shows that folks are more likely to diet and eat healthy if they are going to look better but if the advantage is to just live a healthier life, they stop doing it.

High Five, Vanity!

“Lose Weight. Gain Vanity.” shall be the title of my book.

My mother is smiling. The woman who no word of a lie would not leave a burning building before she put her make-up on.