Let’s Pretend This Didn’t Happen and then Do Something. PODSNACKS-Art of the Diet-078

No, I am not talking politics but weight maintenance. (Although, come to think of it. Never mind.)

This week I interview a wise woman who shares her weight loss journey and her attitudes to weight maintenance.  Unlike myself, The Great Pretender, (as in my food choices this week) Joanne sees her history and her challenges very clearly.

She feels the woman she sees in the mirror today is not going away as she has the tools now that she needs to remain healthy.

“For each one of us, it is a choice every day.”

But, her very wise advice is to live your life fully as you go along. Don't stay on sidelines just because you think you don't “look” the part.

You deserve a full life whatever dress size you wear.

You can connect with Joanne on WW connect @redhairedwonder and if you are interested in sharing your story, I'd love to hear from you! Email me at: