Buying Plants. Eating M&M Ice Cream Cake


Ice Cream cake. M&M's. Chocolate wafers.

After an eating week of “Who's on First?” or put another way, “Who am I kidding?”, I am not at all surprised that no diet program can boast of long term weight loss results.  String a few weeks like this together?  The ballgame is over.

Honestly, it is more believable to me than not that “long term” is defined as a year in most research studies conducted by these programs.  If they did five year ones they'd be forced to publish the truth.  It is hard to maintain a weight loss.  Really hard.  Not escaping from Syria hard, but it's every day, most weeks of climbing up a few steps and then back down and then up again.

The science tells you that your formerly weighty body created a chemistry that continues to try and duke it out with your leaner body, even after five years, and I'm nearing the 6th year.

So, what's a girl to do?

It is in moments like these when a new year approaching is a god send. The calendar swipe encourages folks to look back as well as to look ahead.  So, I'm getting out my colored pencils made from rolled Chinese newspapers that I bought at the ICA in Boston and am going to write down some behavioral goals for 2016.

What am I going to do in 2016 that I didn't do in 2015?  What am I going to continue to do in 2016?  Can I come up with behavioral steps that break down Michael Pollan's wise advise to all folks: “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants” into a daily structure?

Stay tuned.  I've got to go make the chocolate wafer pie crust for the M&M ice cream cake I'm making for the kids on Christmas Eve. And, oh, wait! The doorbell just rang and I hope it's UPS delivering  the festive tin of gourmet popcorn.  “Gourmet” means it's got stuff drizzled on it.  I suspect if I was in an MRI machine while munching on a few kernels it would light up in the same areas as the cocaine addict's brain.

I think about things like this now.

Hmmm. Yeah, what color pencil should I use for these goals?

FIRST goal in RED. DO NOT OPEN THE POPCORN BOX until the first guest arrives and make sure you give it to the last guest leaving.