High Priestess of Excuses

darkbeauty2I've gone dark on tracking.

Every night on my phone I get the equivalent of a search “ping” noise, searching searching searching for me, and finally it leaves a text message.  “An empty tracker is a sad and lonely tracker.”

It's WeightWatchers wanting to know why I haven't entered anything to my online account.

This has been going on for months. I am sure I “enabled” this feature years ago and just haven't taken the time to “disable” it.  I used to wear the fitness band for WeightWatchers, Fitbit, Jawbone, and with some, I used several different models and generations of their wrist tracker.  After 2-3 months, I get tired of wearing them.

I track through my scale.  It tells me if what I am doing is working or not.  I have two wireless scales, one by Withings and another by the FITBIT company.  Every time I weigh myself, which is every other day, most weeks and, every day some weeks, the number goes to my online account and I can easily “track” what direction I am going in.

The food tracking I can do intermittently, but it ultimately waxes and wanes and, then, ultimately stops. I claim boredom. I claim disinterest. I claim it endangers world peace.  I am the High Priestess of Excuses.

But, I know now how to supervise my adolescent excessive excuse production with the scale.   It is a robotic grown up.  It has no moodiness, pique or judgment.  As long as I change the batteries every now and again when prompted, the wireless scale is not rebellious, droll, or touchy-feely.  It's a number machine.

Sometimes, I like the number.  Sometimes, I don't.

It gets my attention consistently, month after month, year after year, and more than any tip or tool I've used in the past 6 and half years, it has helped me be successful.

It certainly isn't my tracking habits.




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  1. i think u r right. the scale never lies . i can fool myself with tracking. just don’t write it down . didn’t happen. but when u get on the scale there is no hiding from it. that keeps u honest. oops there it is. the truth.

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