Flexibility Not Rigidity in Weight Control


Every once in a awhile I go back and re-read articles I found eye-opening in my initial period following my weight loss.  One of them is called “The Fat Trap” by Tara Parker-Pope in the NY Times.

If you haven't read it, click on the above link.

What I took away from it this time is how vigilant they said successful folks who have maintained a weight loss are. They mentioned the hour a day walk. The weighing every day. They were always watching caloric intake and, every day, with no weekend departures, were eating a recommended diet.

I've been sick this past week and totally didn't have the normal healthy diet, in fact I think when you have a bad cold, your taste buds simply aren't the same.  The thought of a salad was like an offer to go to Mars.  But, cocoa with marshmallow fluff? Excellent idea. Sandwiches? Another great idea.

Nor, did I count things or obsess about them.  Yes, not a day goes by, that I don't think about it, but the rigidity suggested in this article, I do not have even on a good week.  I was much more rigid when I was taking the weight off.

True, I have more good weeks than bad ones.  And, most weeks I weigh myself regularly during the week. And most weeks I am a faithful daily exercisr.   But, every week, I weigh myself in the Witness Protection Program.  That's about the only thing that is non-negotiable.

I am much more flexible about food choices than those folks in the article.  In fact,  everything else has much more flexibility and I would not describe my 5 and half years of successful weight maintenance in as severe terms as in this article.

Yes, it is a constant daily problem to solve. But, I don't solve it the same way every day.

In fact, this week, I probably didn't solve it at all.