Everyday. Habits You Don’t Hate You Do. PODSNACKS/ArtoftheDiet-121 [Re-Broadcast}

“Maintaining a significant weight loss is a daily battle with your body playing for the wrong team.”-Pat Coakley

Ah, that would be me, Pat Coakley, and this is a rebroadcast of episode 39 of Podsnacks the weekly edition of www.artofthediet.com and this weeks' tips for weight management come from Laura, and 8 year Lifetime WW member who once was in jeopardy of being kicked out of WeightWatchers because her weight went too low. Getting pregnant with twins was her response!

I am rebroadcasting this because I just wrote two sticky notes with “everyday” on them and stuck one in kitchen and one on bathroom mirror.  If left with my own awesome denial powers, I'd be thinking I could deal with weight management on an intermittent basis. My default position is not a trustworthy one. I have come to realize that no matter how many years I do this, I always want to return to bad habits and can rationalize this return with the assuredness of current Presidential press secretaries.  In other words, while lying to myself, I do not break a sweat.

So, we all have our story and Laura is no exception. In fact, on the surface, she may appear to have little in common with my daily battle with my body playing on the wrong team but if you listen closely, and I'll talk a bit about this at the end, there are actually many similarities.  Plus, she's capable of creating daily habits that she doesn't end up resenting!  For that reason, alone, I think you might enjoy meeting Laura.

My conclusion: Habits You Don't Hate You Do.

The shownotes page is at www.artofthediet.com/39.  The number 39.

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