Eating Our Way Through a Pandemic-PODSNACKS/Art of the Diet

It occurred to me that interviewing a wise woman after almost three months of quarantine might help me and maybe my listeners. So, I called on Melissa who I'd interviewed in the first year of the podcast in 2015 when, at that time, both of us had been five to six years into successfully maintaining a significant weight loss. That interview is available for free in transcript form if you use the sign-up form to the right of this post. It turned out to be one of the most popular interviews I did in these past five years. So, who better to call and ask for a new interview? Melissa is her name. She works in addiction and reminded me that there is a dialogue within that field about those who chose never to drink again, abstinence, and those who are involved in “Harm Reduction”.

“Harm Reduction”. The perfect phrase, I thought, when applied to “eating” challenges during quarantine and emerging from it. So, my new goal is ‘let me try to reduce harm” by awareness and small corrective steps. For some, it may be the perfect time to initiate a strict, structured healthy eating regime but, for me, a little sticky note on my bathroom mirror is my harm reduction “corrective step” this week.

‘Every Day' is written on the sticky note in my handwriting. This week, I'll weigh myself every day. It has worked in the old non-pandemic world and I bet it will work in this new world as well. I'm throwing salt over my shoulder as soon as I finish this post. I'll let you know how it goes! For now, listen to Melissa!

If you are interested in telling your Pandemic story, as I think sharing the challenges of this may help all of us, please email me. If ever that phrase applied to our times, “we are all in this together”….