Science Slow Mo Sunday


The best “science” I could find this Mother's Day Sunday was within my IPHONE slow-mo feature.  Honestly, the daily struggle of food issues, in fact, I think any chronic disease or pain, is like living in a slow motion movie.

It is tiresome. My editing of this 2 minute video which I guarantee will feel like a five minute movie, is deliberate.  This is how I've been feeling for past few weeks and no scientific “article” I've found has articulated it the way this techie feature on my phone has done.

The movement seems microscopic, belabored, miniscule, in inches, four feet forward, five feet back, and then it leaps ahead periodically and you think, “Ah, I've reached a cruising altitude.”

Ah, no you haven't.

But, so be it.  This really also makes me laugh out of sheer recognition of the truth of it.

Happy Mother's Day!