Folks Who Don’t Throw Their Scales Out the Window. Podsnacks/ArtoftheDiet 134

Folks who don't throw their scales out the window when the number sets their hair on fire should be in charge of this country as well as their own weight maintenance. Just sayin'.

I haven't trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I've never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex. Erma Bombeck

All of us maintaining a significant weight loss have to deal with one thing in common that is not often discussed. We have to create new pathways to pleasure.  If lunch hilariously topped sex in Erma’s world of women, the challenge is apparent.  What do we do when food is not the pleasure pot it once was?  Do we become more available for sex drugs and rock and roll? Shopping excursions? Marathon running?

How do I personally fill this loss because make no mistake, a bit of the joy factor is gone and it’s not just an emotional loss.  My brain notices.

Episode 134 this week is yet another meditation on what I’m seeing through my sugar and grain free eyes for the past 6 weeks.

In reading the book, “Why You Eat What You Eat” that I referenced last week after listening to a podcast interview with the author, Rachel Herz, it is astonishing to me to take a “big” picture look at why certain foods “taste” good and how this has morphed from all our hunters and gatherers eating to survive to present day challenges: eating to address the fact we survived.

This week riff is on her first chapter on Taste as in taste buds. The lessons of pleasure pot this week, literally. And, somehow or other, it all ends up in a Trade War of Pleasure for Health which of course we all know is horrendous even if we’ve been told that trade wars are a good thing.

Honest to God, I think this country would be better off with a POTUS who has maintained a significant weight loss over the years: at least we know how to be accountable to facts, not our own set of facts.

Anyway, I can’t fit the wisdom of this week on a refrigerator magnet, but it’s in here somewhere. I hope you can find it.

Here are two of my new pleasure pathways aka laughter, I found on YOUTUBE. Enjoy.



I eat my feelings and they taste delicious. PODSNACKS|Art of the Diet 131

“I am eating my feelings and they taste delicious.”

That was the text of a birthday card I received this past week and it fits perfectly into this week's thoughts on weight maintenance.

No sugar or grains for three weeks and one soon realizes that habits of using food as the problem solver are a hard habit to break. You aren't physically hungry with a diet without these food groups, but you are looking for a roasted chic pea snack to serve an emotional purpose.  Guess what?  It doesn't. It simply does not trigger the brain in the same way.  Welcome to adult world and I'm 73 and have just entered it, apparently.

Irresistible Foods Meet Resistance. PODSNACKS-ArtoftheDiet #129

Irresistible Foods Meet Resistance is this week's podcast. Ever felt like eating just one sherbet colored macaroon or just one Hershey's Kiss was flat-out impossible?

Yep, it can be done. All (sarcastic tone) one has to do is to eliminate all extra sugar (fruits (not tropical fruits, tho) OK ) and no grains, good and bad grains, mind you, even whole wheat grains are gone, veggies are good, pancakes made of Garbanzo bean flour and whole milk yogurt is Ok and even recommended.  Guess what?  I don't crave those pastel-colored macaroon cookies. In fact, I didn't even have to taste the cookie batter or lock eyes with Hershey Kisses in the store.

When irresistible meets resistance in my day to day it is memorable but it is a healthy option for the long run?  One, theoretically, graduates from Phase One to Phase Three which is lower in fat than Phase One and integrates whole wheat grains and some added sugar.  There's a ratio of carbs, fats, proteins that requires a spreadsheet to do it right.

We'll see.  Here we go again, people. Control comes ‘a callin’.  Is it extreme? Is it healthy? Some say, no. Others say research has pointed toward this direction for years.

If I were a guy with prostate issues, I'd probably not do it. Read the article below.

What’s an ol’girl to do?  Keep trying to figure it out. Read about the issues.  It’s all one can do.

I started a Facebook group for some damn reason. Thinking it might be helpful. I'm considering doing a mini-Facebook live of the weekly podcast tomorrow, Feb 1st around 3:00 Eastern Standard time.  If the technology works, of course! 

Some articles about the downside of a higher fat diet.  Read in conjunction with some other folks who recommend a higher fat diet but in conjunction with fruits and veggies and eventually moderate portions of whole grains as well as sugar integrated into it. The Last article in the queue below is an example of that.