Mindful Eating is for Normal People


I am reposting this post of 2015  in August 2020, the fifth anniversary of the start of my blog, Art of the Diet, as well as the podcast, “PODSNACKS/TheArtoftheDiet” now “Voices from My Bunker”.  While my preoccupations of 2020 are less about weight management and more sanity management,  I am still dealing with weight management challenges as I know some of you are as well. Although managing life in a pandemic has taken over the #1 spot in my consciousness, it is always good for me to periodically affirm a few truths about weight management that are true pandemic or no pandemic. My soulless twin now uses pandemic issues as a cover!  Anyway, hope you can relate to some of it as well.  I am going to regularly repost some of the archival posts that have been the most popular as well as those which have reminded me of strategies that have helped me make this the 10th year of successfully keeping those 60 lost pounds circling the parking lot but not able to find a space! PS. If you would be willing to be interviewed about the impact of first six months of 2020 on your life, please contact me.


The rage is on apparently: mindful eating.  Let your intuition be your guide.  “Make peace with food.”  “Honor Your Hunger”.  “Reject that diet mentality”.

Listen to when you are full.  Listen to your body's signals.

Fine.  If you are a normal person.  But, not someone with a lifetime weight problem.

Our body's signals are all f'd up.  No better way to say it.  Feelings of fullness?  Occurs once a year to the best of my memory: after Thanksgiving dinner ,which I calculated once was the equivalent of three days “points” in the WW world.

Our intuition on this topic?  Best to listen to it and do the reverse.  On any other topic, my advice is bankable on most days.

Listening to myself and my body's signals as if I was my own best friend is my Mistake Numero Uno.  My intuition is my evil twin.

My twin is soulless, manipulative, without shame and suddenly oh my god how did this happen where's the donuts– sixty pounds overweight.

Reality not intuition is my best friend.

Go ahead, Honor Your Hunger if you must, but chances are that happens only once a year as well

One of my problems is after rarely letting myself get hungry for so many years, I ,honest to god do not know the difference between about to pass out hunger and is it time for lunch hunger.

And, PS?

My evil twin is now going to be saying :”Honor your Hunger, Pat.  Go ahead.”  “Reject that diet mentality, Pat. That's SO over.”

As if I needed her to be talking more crap to me.

That evil twin voice will be the last voice in my head before I'm six feet under.  Then, and only then, can I listen to her.

Prepper Advise for Dieters as Apocalypse approaches. SHWAA.

As Apocalypse approaches: So Here We Go Again

Prepper advise for Dieters as the Apocalypse Approaches.

I just read the novel “Weather” by Jenny Offill. I cannot recommend it enough but one of my takeaways is that there is a whole world out there, outside the novel, which is prepping for the end of the world, or as they call it: EOW. The character in the novel was a librarian and knew an amazing amount of “stuff” and I began to think if I were a prepper awaiting the apocalypse, what would be my acronym? I'd still have to maintain my weight so here are two: SHWAA= So here we are again. Because, let's face it, any rollercoaster dieter has faced catastrophes before. And, my second acronym: ISHTWMC= I'll still have to watch my carbs.

In this 175th episode of the podcast, I tie these observations together with a recent article in the New York Times published under the Rites of Passage section, titled, “The Diet Industrial Complex Got Me, and It Will Never Let Me Go.”

Listen to this episode by clicking this link if the above link doesn't work! I am having some tech difficulties this morning so if you tried to download my podcast from ITUNES or your phone app, try trashing the version you have and then re-downloading it. The Gremlins hit me this morning but I think it is fixed!

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This month I also started making my fabrics into padded eye cases to go with my zippered bags that now have waterproof lining as well as regular lining. Creativity really is the best health plan!

Ecodyed Eucalyptus leaves made into fabric for accessories.
Yes, it is my F-it fabric cosmetic bag and eyeglass case.

Try Humility in Your Diet Plan


“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.”
Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays

Humility is part of my four H habits:  Honesty, Hope, Humor are the others.  These are the keys to my losing weight and maintaining it for the past 7 and half years.

Since my breach with the regular WW meeting of three weeks ago, I've decided to let Humility be my guide.

Why “humility”?

Because I simply can't generate as much humility as needed at home as I can humor, honesty and hope.

So, I've decided to change meetings but weigh-in a couple times a month at the old meeting. Try a new system.

I started last Saturday at a different meeting and there were three welcoming signs: #1 one member used the f word and the meeting leader didn't faint.  #2 The leader who was substituting for the actual leader, said that she had switched meetings routinely as she was losing weight, needing to find the right one for her.  I had said nothing about having switched from another meeting to this one.  Just as a matter of course, she said it was routine.

I think my needs as a lifetime member is to reduce the number of meetings where I have been with the people for years and possibly to keep switching meetings on a regular basis to keep me connected to folks who have similar problems and whose problems and issues I can listen to with fresh ears.

I'll weigh-in regularly in the old meeting as my humility serving which keeps me on track as I sit on my throne on my own bottom and, of course, do my regular at home weigh-ins.

That's what keeps me honest.