Hide the Marshmallows. PODSNACKS/Art of the Diet 171

Will Power is tossed around as if an infinite natural resource that one just needs to tap into in order to achieve our goals.  After ten years of weight maintenance, my will power natural resource seems all tapped out from facing other challenges .

But, the good news is this month I focus on an article by Dr. Jerome Groopman in The New Yorker, who takes a look at what science can tell us about will power.  In essence? “ We achieve situational control, paradoxically, not through will power but by finding ways to take will power out of the equation.” You can listen below.

In other words, if you hide the marshmallows you are less likely to eat them. Game on.

Here is the article by Dr. Jerome Groopman from an issue of The New Yorker.https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/10/28/can-brain-science-help-us-break-bad-habits

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I eat my feelings and they taste delicious. PODSNACKS|Art of the Diet 131

“I am eating my feelings and they taste delicious.”

That was the text of a birthday card I received this past week and it fits perfectly into this week's thoughts on weight maintenance.

No sugar or grains for three weeks and one soon realizes that habits of using food as the problem solver are a hard habit to break. You aren't physically hungry with a diet without these food groups, but you are looking for a roasted chic pea snack to serve an emotional purpose.  Guess what?  It doesn't. It simply does not trigger the brain in the same way.  Welcome to adult world and I'm 73 and have just entered it, apparently.



I'm eating man chips as many as I can before the lady chips appear and I'll be forced to eat a chip with no crunch.

Episode #130 of PODSNACKS takes a brief snarky look at the decision of the company that makes Doritos to make “lady chips” because ladies simply don't like to crunch in public like guys do.  You cannot make this stuff up.

More importantly, though, the episode talks about an article in the NY times about the “magic” of simply starting a project and the motivation it gives you to continue on with it.

It's not specifically about weight management but all the techniques apply!  Plus, a commenter on the article gave us a tip from Matthew McConaghey, the actor.  Who knew?



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