Meet Joan. Voices from My Bunker 2020

Voices from My Bunker 2020

This week on my podcast, “Voices from My Bunker 2020”, meet Joan. This podcast was for five years known as Podsnacks/Art of the Diet. 2020 changed that. COVID19's life-altering challenges supplanted 10 years of weight maintenance as my number #1 preoccupation. Although fingers crossed, my weight is holding steady through this!

Anyway, meet Joan. She did not have the prerequisites for a successful quarantine as I did. In other words, she is not a sloth or someone who enjoys sitting for hours at a time reading, clicking, snackin', snoozing and I feel 100% sure never uses her bed as her living room, dining room, and office.  

She is a mover. A doer. A socializer. A walker. An organizer. When she flew to see her daughter's family in Franklin, Mass before COVID19, she would tell them not to pick her up at the airport as she could get on the Silverline at the airport in Boston, go to South Station, and, then, take a train out to Franklin. She allowed them to pick her up at the Franklin station.

So, the prospect of her not being able to leave her house for days, months on end in a chilly Rochester, NY? A challenge. She has Raynauld's disease so walking outside was not possible either. Yet, she got through quarantine in her own determined way and taught me a few things. One of them?  When in doubt, drive around.  

The second lesson is more sobering and I'm still trying to understand it: she still feels in August 2020, five months after the initial lockdown, as if she and those around her and her family and friends are still on the same conservative wavelength with respect to managing their risks for COVID19. Why is it a lesson? Because I do not feel that way. At all. In fact, lately, I am beginning to realize that this schism may portend a more permanent distancing even when social distancing is no longer necessary. This is a separate post I'll publish later this week.

But, for now, before you meet Joan, let me introduce her by saying that my sewing teacher, Jen, is Joan's daughter, and being my sewing teacher is no easy task. Patience is required. Here is what was a typical day in the sewing classroom with me as a student. This is an example of my bobbin threading skills and this was after a solid year of classes

Teacher: Pat, What are you doing? Pat: “Just threading my bobbin', teacher.

So, now, just click below on the white arrow on the lower left-hand side and Meet Joan. I think Jen's ability to adjust to the abnormal may come for her Mom. (The photograph is of “Pitcher Plants” that I photographed to suggest they were in conversation with one another.)

Rather than drive around, I clipped my passion flower vine and embedded them in tissue paper with Glossy Medium and then scanned it while still wet from the medium. Two flowers bloomed the day after I did the original and I added their purple in the final version. I call it, “Snow In August”.

Do you know anyone who might like to be interviewed about their experience with dealing with the challenges of the 2020 quarantine and phases of reopening? Email me!.

Voices From My Bunker 2020. Meet Alice. A First Grade Teacher During Covid19 in Washington, DC.

Every day we see one school announcing they will be “virtual” starting in September or we see snapshots of crowded corridors with 90% unmasked students in hallways.

In my latest episode, of Voices From My Bunker 2020 (formerly “Podsnacks/Art of the Diet”), I interview my niece, Alice, who is a First Grade Teacher in a Catholic school in Washington, DC. As we spoke she was still not sure what would happen with her school but we focused on the period of March to June when the school closed and two days later she was teaching “virtually” her students. She was in brand new territory and the challenges and rewards of that were both staggering and, sometimes, touching.

Meet Alice. Click on the white arrow on the lower left to listen.

Voices from My Bunker, ep.02. Meet Babz. Hope is all I feel after listening to her.

Voices from My Bunker is the evolution from my Art of the Diet podcast where for five years I focused on maintaining a significant weight loss to 2020 when in addition to weight maintenance I am forced to focus on my sanity maintenance. It ain't easy, is it?

I decided to focus on other people and how they are maintaining their sanity in order to get some tips I, and maybe you might need.

Today, Meet Babz. “Needed to. Meant to. “This is how she answered my question about if she was fearful of being a health care worker in the middle of a pandemic in Boston, Massachusetts.  After the interview, I had a strange feeling. I couldn’t recognize it at first.  It turned out to be hope.  Click the white arrow in the lower left of the link below to listen.

If you would be interested in sharing your story or know someone who would be willing to be interviewed, please contact me

And, here's my other source of hope: Mother Nature. Come Closer.

It's my escape world. I can create it all on my own with gardens and macro photography & this world doesn't terrify me. Take a look by clicking on the image below.

O, Anemone. My Anemone.