Breakfast in a Winter Garden


“Why, sometimes, I think six impossible things before breakfast.” • Queen in Alice in Wonderland

Ok. So, I'm not eating my breakfast or thinking impossible thoughts in my garden in the middle of January but I am on way to walk in an inside track right AFTER eating my breakfast.  These plants are all a scary brown and look totally dead.

Why do I bring this up? Not exactly “News at 11” type of information.

I ran across a scientific article that explained why when I eat a breakfast with eggs in it, I have fewer cravings all day long. I've known this practically all my life but never really knew why.

Even if I eat what is considered other “healthy” breakfasts, let's say of yogurt, berries–it doesn't have the same effect for some reason.  And, a breakfast of a donut?  Or, even peanut butter and jelly? Nope.

Well, I guess the key is protein and lack of sugar because for me the type of protein in eggs is a cravings buster.

The other common behavior that people who have successfully kept weight off for years is “eating breakfast” and often in diet programs you'll hear that eating breakfast is important..”the most important meal of the day”..but, I never really knew why.

This article helps the ol'girl understand it.

Curiosity and creativity shall get me through the winter.

And, PS?  New Year Resolution: I am watching less TV and have not eaten one meal with a screen anywhere near me and I am reading more, too.  And, I've gained a pound.

How do I know?

Cuz I'm weighing myself every day and it just cuts right through all the self righteousness of thinking I'm really taking charge of 2016.

Now, to the track, again.