Bliss Points Do-Over: Hot Oil & Garlic


I made Christmas ornaments from candy yesterday and broke so many that the shards began to look good to me.

Here's an article about “the bliss points” embedded in foods that contribute to long term cravings that lead to obesity.

They cite an example from a food engineer, Howard Moskowitz, who went about developing the wildly popular Dr. Pepper.  The testing for the exact right amount of sweetness was extraordinary.  The “bliss” ingredient had an exact mathematical equation.

And, it's not just the usual suspects of soda and candy that are getting engineered with bliss points.

The article points out that food manufacturers are adding sugar to bread and pasta sauce, yogurt.  They mention one pasta sauce that has the equivalent of two Oreo cookies in a half cup of sauce.

I am going to make a point this week of reading the labels of what I eat to calculate the bliss points I'm actually consuming and not realizing it.

At this time of year, taking sugar out of my diet is a challenge but, in the end, if the dark forces are trying to engineer my bliss, then I'm gonna fight back with hot oil and garlic.

Those are my bliss points for any vegetable and legume on the planet.