Is Truth on Your Grocery List Or Sweatpants? PODSNACKS/ArtoftheDiet #176

Truth List

What is on my grocery list these days?

I've got one item I try to remember each time I get out a new piece of paper: Truth.

I need truth on the news which I have no control over and I need it on my grocery list which I do. Otherwise? Well, all I know for sure is the result of no control in the grocery list is:

" Hello, sweatpants."

If ever there's been a moment in my 75 years when I am choosing what I eat, this is it. I no longer go into a grocery store without gloves, mask, and a pocket filled with wipes. Suited up for the apocalypse, there is no desire to linger and stroll leisurely. I want to get in and get out with contracting a deadly virus. So, I have a list. And, this week, the list is being given to someone, for the foreseeable future, to shop for me. At 75, crowded grocery stores are not recommended.

I have to very clearly ask myself, “What do I need?” It used to be “What do I want?” My new goal is to want what I need. 

The good news? It helps me focus. I am not dithering about do I or don't I want a box of Cheez-its. I know if I bring that box into the house it is a mistake. A clear as a bell mistake. So, a snack-size package goes on the list, if at all. It is possible to stretch out a snack-size portion over a week. Who knew?

But, for food management during these times? I am trying to tell myself my food truth that, in the end, gives me hope. I am in control of that if nothing else. 

So, this first of April 2020, my arguing with the scale days long gone, I write my grocery list with truth and gratitude and hope you can, too.  You can listen to the podcast below. PS. I plan to increase podcasts from once a month to at least twice a month. If you want to be notified of new episodes, you can sign up for future notifications on the sidebar to the right and receive a transcript from a popular interview I did with a Lifetime WeightWatchers member or subscribe to the free podcast.

Prepper Advise for Dieters as Apocalypse approaches. SHWAA.

As Apocalypse approaches: So Here We Go Again

Prepper advise for Dieters as the Apocalypse Approaches.

I just read the novel “Weather” by Jenny Offill. I cannot recommend it enough but one of my takeaways is that there is a whole world out there, outside the novel, which is prepping for the end of the world, or as they call it: EOW. The character in the novel was a librarian and knew an amazing amount of “stuff” and I began to think if I were a prepper awaiting the apocalypse, what would be my acronym? I'd still have to maintain my weight so here are two: SHWAA= So here we are again. Because, let's face it, any rollercoaster dieter has faced catastrophes before. And, my second acronym: ISHTWMC= I'll still have to watch my carbs.

In this 175th episode of the podcast, I tie these observations together with a recent article in the New York Times published under the Rites of Passage section, titled, “The Diet Industrial Complex Got Me, and It Will Never Let Me Go.”

Listen to this episode by clicking this link if the above link doesn't work! I am having some tech difficulties this morning so if you tried to download my podcast from ITUNES or your phone app, try trashing the version you have and then re-downloading it. The Gremlins hit me this morning but I think it is fixed!

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This month I also started making my fabrics into padded eye cases to go with my zippered bags that now have waterproof lining as well as regular lining. Creativity really is the best health plan!

Ecodyed Eucalyptus leaves made into fabric for accessories.
Yes, it is my F-it fabric cosmetic bag and eyeglass case.

Art of the Diet with Claude Monet -episode 174

Monet may not be my Fitness Coach but creating a side dish of multiple contrasting colors is spectacular

The Art of the Diet with Claude Monet. You can listen to the podcast below.

No, it's not his fitness routine or low- fat recipes. It's his love of food, how it looks, and how it is prepared.

What impressed me was the care and attention he gave to food and its preparation as well as presentation. Obviously, his famous gardens in Giverny reflect this spectacular sense of color.

He guided all the designs for contrasting colors, shapes and textures and complementary groupings of all his plants and flowers. I come away from my research with the sense that his recipes reflect the same aesthetic needs.

I am determined to prepare one new side dish a day for the month of February that appeals to me on an aesthetic as well as taste level.  And, I think some new place settings or serving dishes for these side dishes might be in order as well as repainting my dining room, kitchen, maybe buying a house in Giverny and planting a 2 and 1/2 acre vegetable garden…

Yes, I've gone a bit mad for the color of Monet’s food, house, and, of course, his gardens. 

Pat Coakley

Maybe you’ll be inspired to add a dash of color to your plate as well. It is these small tweaks that keep me on this maintenance road with a certain sense of joy that combats the boredom or structure that is inevitably needed to be successful.

If anyone knows sources for fun vegetable or side dish plates, email me. Honestly, this photo of a chilled Asparagus Salad with Olives, Capers and Orange on THAT plate just kills me. And, I don't like capers or olives but I'm going to try it.

Monet's Palate Cookbook-Aileen Bordman & Derek Kell

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PBS has a show called “The Art Assignment” and it took several artists and tried to reproduce the food they would eat. This particular episode on Monet was hilarious to me as the one doing the cooking on each of the recipes seemed unable to execute any of them! They still looked like they tasted good, though!