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A sense of humor is the best Art of the Diet tip I have.  Well, maybe,  it's the second greatest ever AOD tip.  The first?  The ability to “begin, again.”  I'm in my 10th year of beginning again on a regular basis and successfully maintaining a significant weight loss. But, it's not a straight shot or autopilot driving.  There's an art to beginning again day after day, month after month, and like all art, it is never totally mastered. So, I make myself laugh along the way. My one bit of wisdom, “If chocolate isn't the answer, could you please repeat the question?”  I made a graphic and have it as my watch screen.

I was an educational psychologist in a previous life and am a writer/mixed media entrepreneur in this current one.

Here is a quick slide show of previous podcast and blog topics:

Science tells me I'm not exaggerating or paranoid: those lost pounds really, really want to come back.  There is a reason why no weight loss program  brags about success with helping members keep off the weight for more than a year.  If they could, they would, but their statistics are grim.  The business revenue of some of these programs are realistically based on members regaining lost pounds as well as initially taking off the weight.  It's not my opinion. It is simply the fact.

But, hope is also a fact.  Biology and addictive behaviors are not on my side but there is hope in managing those factors. I've done it by developing a daily creativity habit.  Others do it their own way, this is mine.  

Creativity has become my best health plan and this website began in  2015  as a way of documenting on a daily basis for a year what it's like to manage the challenges.

I posted something every day during that year up until February, 2016.  In August of 2015, I started the weekly podcast, “Podsnacks/Art of the Diet”.  Some of my most popular episodes over the years have involved interviews with folks who are managing their lives in a variety of interesting and helpful ways.  You can receive a free transcript of one of those interviews by signing up below.

In 2019, I'm going to post a new podcast episode on Wednesday of each new month and occasionally rebroadcast an archive one.   I find myself combing through my archives to check on what I was doing a year ago, two years ago, looking for inspiration to get back on track.  Why?  Because I am always going to go off track and shall need to adjust.

I hope this archived material and new episodes in 2019 will reveal to me and anyone else out there struggling to manage these issues, that what helps us succeed is accepting that it is a daily challenge, listening to the strategies of how others do it, and to accept that our own natural circuitry may not be working on our behalf when it comes to weight maintenance.

Others know much, much more about “diet” plans, healthy food choices, relationship of fats to carbs, and what paleo people ate.  That knowledge has a shelf life of only about 12 hours of motivation for me.  I have to reinvent my motivation mojo E.D.D., which means “every damn day”.

Yes, I did join a well-known national program but I don't think that's the reason why I'm successful now, just as I don't think it was their fault when I failed on previous attempts.

My longer term success now is not tied to it, either.

In my not so humble opinion, how you go about losing the weight in the first place (national program, apps, surgery, on your own)  is not the reason you'll succeed keeping the lost pounds from finding you again, nor, will any program or scheme be the reason you maintain the weight loss.

There's a whole different set of challenges that greet me today than ten years ago when I lost the weight and the national programs and every diet out there are focused primarily on losing weight not maintaining it.

For that reason, I won't be endorsing any programs, products, apps, or commercially driven diet-world stuff.  Besides, I love websites that don't blink, dive bomb me with sales pitches or hold me hostage as their logos march across my screen.  That,  & I love white space.

I hope you'll join me as attempt to find my seat in the reality ballpark every month.

This is a lonely struggle and humor helps me realize that many others have experienced the same thing. Some of my strategies–humility and honesty–for example, I have to structure into my day and weeks as they do not come naturally.

But, humor?  My Irish DNA delivers that just about on a daily basis, with some memorable exceptions that you'll witness in my archive, starting November 2016. If you don't know what I'm talking about, this may not be the podcast for you.

Ok. So, if you've read this far and not put me under fake news, you can sign up on the home page to subscribe to my posts as well as to subscribe to the podcast here.

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